Introducing Project Zofingen 2018


Project Zofingen for 2018 has now finished. Check back on the 12th of October for our new and improved Project Zofingen 2019 packages.

What is Project Zofingen?

Project Zofingen is a high performance program Hopper Sports Performance is undertaking with the goal of achieving a Top 3 result at Powerman Zofingen. The Project also aims to highlight the wide range of services offered by Hopper Sports Performance. 

Why choose Powerman Zofingen?

There’s a number of reasons behind it all. Powerman Zofingen throws up a number of different challenges that are not presented to an athlete in other races. The challenges present themselves throughout every step of the process from early planning phases, through the build, and right up to the final 100m of the race. I feel these challenges provide the perfect opportunity to use the full range of services provided by Hopper Sports Performance. 

Another important reason behind choosing this event is the long term passion I’ve had for this race. I first became aware of the race as an 11 year old and have been drawn to it ever since. I’m a believer in that you will get more out of yourself if you ave passion for what you are wanting to achieve.

How will Hopper Sports Performance’s services help achieve this goal?

I will be using the full range of proven services to help provide the framework for this goal to be achieved. Like many age group athletes, I have time and cost constraints to work within. In using these services, I will be looking to maximize my limited time and money by streamlining my approach to achieve a podium finish.

Over the next 12 months I will be continuously posting updates on here via both blog posts and on social media, giving insights into the process. If there are any athletes looking to compete at Powerman Zofingen next year who would like some support in the process or to get involved with Project Zofingen, please contact myself through the contact us page. Hopper Sports Performance will be offering discounted rates and packages to help make this goal affordable.

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