Introducing The Power Performance Decoder

A revolution of performance diagnostics

When it comes to physiological parameters, field tests with powermeters have – up to now – been of very limited use
only. Lab diagnostics were needed to measure aerobic and anaerobic capacities, and fat and carbohydrate
combustion rate. Field testing could – at best – estimate only the athlete’s FTP values, resulting in a very insufficient
way of benchmarking performance. The biggest gap with this approach – all context of understanding how complex
human performance truly is. This has changed! Introducing INSCYD’s Power-Performance Decoder (PPD).
Remote testing – full 360° athletic performance profile within minutes.

The Power-Performance Decoder allows coaches to test athletes remotely: outdoor or indoor. Test on their time,
as part of their typical training schedule. Testing is done as part of a regular training session, alone on the road or
trainer. The coach receives the powermeter files of the test session and inputs the data in INSCYD’S scientifically
validated software.
The first software to combine physiological lab data AND field testing power data
PPD is the first and only tool combining physiological lab data (lactate values or VO2 captured in the lab or field)
with field-tested powermeter data. Up to now, athletes went to a performance diagnostics lab for a lactate or
VO2max test for physiological data. Next, a coach might have them ride a power duration test, outdoors or on a
trainer. The problem? Test results stood separately, without a way to melt them together. There was no way to
capture a complete performance profile. The same athlete was “running on two systems”, until now.
PPD changes this! By merging physiological test data and field derived powermeter data, it enables coaches and
athletes to see – for the first time – how the bodies energy systems work together, and how they are to be looked at
as a complete unit.

Thoroughly tested by pro teams and coaches

Derived and based only on fundamental, peer reviewed basic science, INSCYD’s Power-Performance Decoder is
used by the highest ranked cyclists and triathletes around the world. Over the last few months, PPD has been beta
tested by pro teams CCC Team, JUMBO-VISMA, Alpecin-Fenix, SEG Racing as well as by many WorldTour
coaches and coaching businesses. Testing and benchmarking has been done in direct comparison to lactate- and
lab testing, ensuring top-level accuracy is guaranteed, AND validated.
PPD offers up the following data
• Maximum aerobic performance (VO2max)
• Maximum glycolytic performance (VLamax)
• Accumulation and recovery of lactate
• Fat and Carbohydrate combustion rates
• Aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution r
• Anaerobic Threshold

This athlete profile allows coaches to measure and quantify the respective athlete’s unique characteristics, resulting
in a laser focused training plan to improve race performances and help athletes reach goals.

Key facts about Power-Performance Decoder

• Accuracy: Standard tolerance is on par with state-of-the-art lab testing, e.g. VO2max
divergence is 2.5%, threshold is 2.2% – in line with the most accurate metabolic carts
(and without requiring powermeter conversions from lab to training equipment).
• Capture race decisive glycolytic power (VLamax) without the need to visit a lab. The
secret weapon of professional coaches is now available to all coaches using INSCYD.
• Reporting – Athletes get a 360-degree physiological assessment
• Coaches can now test remotely – for the first time ever, coaches don’t have to be with
their athletes for performance testing. Athletes complete a field test on their own time,
alone. When done, the athlete submits the ride file for their coach to input into INSCYD.
• Renders traditional physiological lab testing OBSOLETE – Faster, less expensive, more
accurate, all without the overhead of measuring lactate and

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