Project Zofingen

Introducing Project Zofingen

What is Project Zofingen?

Project Zofingen is a high performance program Hopper Sports Performance is undertaking with the goal of helping athletes reach their best result at Powerman Zofingen. The Project uses the full range of services offered by Hopper Sports Performance, including so new ones yet to be released to the public. Through this project I also aiming  to increase exposure to the event itself within the multi-sport community. Whether you are a first timer looking for help, seasoned age grouper looking to take you performance to the next level or even a pro, this program caters for you.

Why choose Powerman Zofingen?

There are a number of reasons behind choosing Powerman Zofingen. The event throws up a number of different challenges that are not presented to an athlete in other races. These challenges present themselves throughout every step of the process from early planning phases, throughout the build, and right up to the final 100m on race day. I believe due to the nature of these types of events, an athlete can benefit significantly from the services I provide through Hopper Sports Performance.

Another important reason behind choosing this event is the long-term passion I’ve had for this race. I first became aware of the race as an 11 year old and have been drawn to it ever since. I’m a firm believer that you will get more out of yourself if you have passion for what you want to achieve.

What is included in the program?

  • Fully customized, individual training program for 40 weeks as per our standard coaching service.
  • A race performance planning pack covering key topics such as race day pacing and fuelling strategies, detailed course information including breakdown of critical segments, equipment recommendations and historical data.

Total costs


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