At Hopper Sports Performance, I believe that all athletes should have the best coaching resources available to match their individual needs, irrespective of an athlete’s ability. Unlike many coaching companies, I don’t offer a number of generic coaching packages/levels. I offer a complete high-end, highly individualized service to everyone to help ensure they are able to reach their highest potential around their current life situations. Coaching is currently only offered to a limited number of athletes at one time to ensure that the maximum level of service can be provided to the individual. 

INSCYD Performance Testing

Hopper Sports Performance is excited to be able to offer metabolic performance testing services, to both athletes and coaches, through INSCYD software. Lactate based INSCYD testing for both cycling and running is conducted in a field based setting across a number of locations around Melbourne and Geelong. Thanks to the new Power Performance Decorder, we are also now able to test cycling remotely anywhere in the world. INSCYD is currently used by a number of professional sporting teams, high performance coaches and National Federations, to provide them with high quality test data to maximise performance. Though the use of convenient field based testing protocol for ether cycling or running, we are now able to provide data that is  scientifically proven to be more precise than any conventional lab or field test.

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