At Hopper Sports Performance, I believe that all athletes should have the best coaching resources available to match their individual needs, irrespective of an athlete’s ability. Unlike many coaching companies, I don’t offer a number of generic coaching packages/levels. I offer a complete high-end, highly individualised, bespoke service to everyone to help ensure they are able to reach their highest potential around their current life situations. Coaching is currently only offered to a limited number of athletes at one time to ensure that the maximum level of service can be provided to the individual.  Some of the services provided include:

  • 100% individualised, bespoke training program based around your individual needs, delivered through ether Todays Plan or TrainingPeaks platform.
  • Premium access to Todays Plan or TrainingPeaks.
  • Unlimited communications with coach via Text, Email, Facebook etc.
  • Help in establishing short term right up to long term multi year athletic goals.
  • Season planing and race selection.
  • full Race Planning and Analysis package for targeted goal races.
  • Regular catch-ups, ether in person or via Skype, on an as needs bases.
  • Daily training file reviews and feedback.
  • Unlimited changes to a training plan as required based on your current circumstances.
  • Personalised training zones based on both testing, and performance modelling.

Individual Training Programs

The training plans that are delivered at Hopper Sports Performance are 100% individualized based around the individual. Some of the areas looked at to help develop these plan include:

  • Training time availability
  • Training age
  • Availability to absorb training and recover
  • Gender differences
  • Event demands as found through analysis
  • Gap analysis results
  • Individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Testing results
  • Location
  • Training tool availability

Athlete Requirements

To be able to provide the best services possible, a 16-week minimum commitment before a major target/event is required from the athlete. This allows time to build a solid coach/athlete relationship and adequate time for adaption of the training. The following is also asked of the athlete:

  • Up front, honest and open communication with the coach.
  • Respect the program and information provided.
  • Heart Rate monitor and GPS watch/bike computer and where possible a bike power meter (not essential)
  • To upload training sessions in a timely manner with feedback notes from the sessions.


  • $250AUS for the first 4 week block
  • $200AUS per 4 week block after start up

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