Performance Planing

Have you ever had a poor race result due to having the incorrect equipment? Or being under-prepared for the course and conditions? This is where our Performance Planning and Analysis services are here to help minimize this.

This is a one-off service in which I provide you with a detailed report including as much information as possible to help guide you to the best performance on race day, independent of coaching but specific to your capabilities. The aim is to take guesswork out of all the little things and free up your time.

This package is especially helpful for people competing in self-supported races such as: Norseman, Celtman and Ultraman/multiday events. To create this report, I draw on my many years of racing, combined with knowledge I have gained working behind the scenes on professional cycling teams. This report is designed to help both the athlete and coach make decisions about their race.

Some of the Data provided in this report include:

  • Detailed course profiles including highlighting key areas on course
  • Historical climatic data
  • Time estimates required for a particular goal
  • Bike power estimates for goal time
  • Bike gear ratio selection
  • Wheel selection
  • Feeding/support strategies for self-supported races
  • Clothing choices
  • Pacing strategies
  • Recovery strategies

Example Report

norseman public report 2017 2


  • $150AUS/100EUR  for single day events
  • $200AUS/130EUR for multi day races

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