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We have to agree with Peter Sagan here, coffee stops are one of our favorite parts of training as well #INSCYD #MasteringPerformance #TheOriginOfPerformance #cyclingtraining #ftptest #tritraining #hoppersportsperformance #sagan #petersagan
FTP is widely used amongst coaches and athletes but how many of you actually know how It is composed? Understanding how it’s composed and how it relates to an individuals physiology will significantly effect both the type of training you prescribed and the rate of FTP improvement. Contact us today on how we can help you better understand FTP and how best to approach improving it. #INSCYD #MasteringPerformance #TheOriginOfPerformance #cyclingtraining #ftptest #tritraining #hoppersportsperformance
GIRO SPECIAL OFFER!!! Be one of the first 3 people to book a test during the Giro d’Italia and pay only $150. This is a massive saving of $100. @inscyd_ athletes have know won a total of 4 stages so far. Book today to go through the same testing protocols as these stage winners. #giro #giroditalia #cycling #ironmantraining #triathlonmotivation #marathontraining #cyclingtraining
GIRO SPECIAL OFFER!!! In honor of @inscyd_ tested athletes winning 3 of the first 5 stages at the Giro d’Italia, we are reducing the price of our testing package to $150 for the 1st 3 people people to book a test during the race. Now you to can have access to the same testing these grand tour stage winners have. #giro #giroditalia #cycling #ironmantraining #triathlonmotivation #marathontraining #cyclingtraining
What do stage 1 & 2 winners have in common? Both athletes ride for teams who heavily use @inscyd_ to test and monitor their athletes physiological. Contact us today to find out how you too can have access to this level of testing. #inscyd #hoppersportsperformance #cycling #giro #marathontraining #ironmantraining
Giro TT tech geek out 🤓 First up we have the stage winner Primoz Roglic with some new custom made extensions. The shape is a little smaller then the speedbar extensions but still very much molded to his arm shape. Next we have in pic 4 Simon Yates now on @wattshop extensions. He’s paired these @aerocoachuk arm rests which he’s been using for awhile now. Pic 5 we have Tao Geoghegan Hart using aerocoach arm rests as well. Also notice Team Ineos placement of the velon transceiver. Their Pinarello TT bikes are designed around being most aero with a bottle and today replacing that with the transceiver to achieve similar aero gains. Pic 6 Vincenzo Nibali with a new Rudy Project TT helmet and Speedbar extensions. There is a good reason why so many big names are now going for these style extensions with some solid gains to be made by using them 😉 #giroditalia #timetrial #aero @hoppersportsperformance