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In the modern world where there is now a trend towards very specific data driven training, for endurance sports it’s important that even the most successful and specific programs still keep their training very organic in nature where possible. By that we mean that there needs to be flexibility in what you are doing. Remember the human body is not a robot but a organic animal. Taking unscheduled recovery days, adjusting interval pacing for fatigue, adjusting interval duration and doing unstructured sessions are all examples of how training can be organic. The most powerful results in training come from the appropriate blend of both specific data driven training with organic training. Eliud Kipchoge is a great example of structured training while still remaining organic. #marathontraining #ironmantraining #cyclingtraining #duathlon #hoppersportsperformance #runningmotivation #cyclinglife
Some great information from our friends at @attunedperformance #Repost @attunedperformance with @get_repost ・・・ Published at the end of March 2019 is a study (double-blinded, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial) showing pomegranate extract improves time to exhaustion and the ability to produce a maximal effort after a prolonged submaximal effort in trained cyclists (sounds like a road race to me). Pomegranate extracts may represent a new class of supplements that increase endurance performance. The study design is impeccable however it’s only one study and results need to be replicated by other groups before it joins the likes of caffeine, beta alanine, nitrates and bicarbonate. One other caveat is the supplement preparation was from a proprietary source. Caveat emptor if you’re a competitive athlete the onus is on you to make sure any supplements you take won’t light you up like a glo stick at testing time. Coach PC has tested this on himself for the last 90 days with no ill effects 🤷🏽‍♂️
Race with confidence knowing your individually tailored pacing and fueling strategies. Not only can we gather value information such as VO2 max and VLamax from an INSCYD test, which allows a coach to train an athlete more precisely, we also provides the coach with information that can be used to provide detailed fueling and pacing strategies. Contact us today to find out more information and book a test. #ironmantraining #swimbikerun #runningtraining #cyclingtraining #ironmanfuel #hoppersportsperformance #INSCYD #MasteringPerformance #TheOriginOfPerformance #cyclingtraining #ftptest
Did you know that FTP testing only works for approximately 50% of athletes? Or that it doesn’t give you any information on how to improve it? Not only does testing with INSCYD provide an accurate FTP for all athletes, it also provides other metrics which inform you on how to improve FTP. #ironmantraining #triathlonmotivation #cycling #ftp #ftptest #hoppersportsperformance #inscyd
At Hopper Sports Performance we provide highly customized 1 on 1 coaching, metabolic testing through @inscyd_ , data analysis and performance consultancy for athletes of all abilities. Visit hoppersportsperformance.com for further information. #hoppersportsperformance #tritraining #triathlontraining #cycling #cyclingtraining #marathontraining #INSCYD #MasteringPerformance #TheOriginOfPerformance
FTP is widely used amongst coaches and athletes but how many of you actually know how it is composed? Understanding how it’s composed and how it relates to an individuals physiology will significantly affect both the type of training you prescribe and the rate of FTP improvement. Take advantage of our current Giro special to learn how to most effectively train for your goals and physiology #INSCYD #MasteringPerformance #TheOriginOfPerformance #cyclingtraining #ftptest #tritraining #hoppersportsperformance